The columns are in cement light grey and the island is in cement tortora. The worktop is in vintage stainless steel (thickness 8 cm). The flexibility of the project is the added value of the composition. Overlapping lines and elements made of cement resin surfaces are the protagonists of the scene. A transversal project for maximum freedom of composition and customization; advanced ergonomics to improve interaction between man and objects, needs and functions.

A project that improves the quality of life in the home, transforming it into a space where man is at the centre of the design process. The concept is in harmony with contemporary lifestyles, it transforms the kitchen into an increasingly personal space.

MITON limha-cemento-2
MITON limha-cemento-7
MITON limha-cemento-9
MITON limha-cemento-6
MITON limha-cemento-8
MITON limha-cemento-10