Expressing the homeowner’s personality by freely mixing together quality materials, styles and finishes in gloss lacquered. In this composition Peltrox finish steel in combined with the gloss cappuccino and heat-treated oak, adding elegance and refinement.

The effect of different depths created by led lighting under the wall units breathes life into this composition; it also features a series of accessories aimed at making the most of the  available space, such as surfaces cut to create graphic lines and the now wider plate rack wall unit.

A pleasant space to live in as well as highly organized kitchen-lab with pan racks, plate racks or cutlery racks. A broad range of high-profile accessories increases the functionality of the drawers.

Legno + penisola 001
MITON limha-glossy2
MITON limha-glossy8
MITON limha-glossy3
MITON limha-glossy1
MITON limha-glossy10