Minimalist and eclectic: the kitchen is an ever-increasingly fluid space that adapts to new ways of living. Not just a work area, it is also a space to have fun in, receive friends in and to work in.

Functional and ergonomic, offered in mat lacquered, this composition makes every movement easier. The pillar system ends with the flag-opening oven resting on the worktop. The Barazza stainless steel B_Free Fusion hob is fitted here. With its customizable features, this hob is suitable for many different uses. With the open base units, everything is always within reach, in a module that combines harmoniously with the living area.

MITON limha-matt1
MITON limha-matt6
MITON limha-matt-04
MITON limha-matt-03
MITON limha matt 11
MITON limha matt 10