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A design project typically takes about a week for Light packages and 2 weeks for Classic & Signature. If you’re doing a multi-room project, you’ll have an additional 7 days per room during the Design Time phase of your project (an additional 3 days per room with Light packages).

Our Light Package ($59/room) is perfect for rooms that need a quick refresh. Work with a designer to add accessories and style your existing pieces.

Our Classic Package is more comprehensive ($149/room). Your designer will suggest furniture, plan your room’s layout and provide set-up instructions.

For more options, consider our Signature Package ($249/room). Receive concepts from three designers, then select one to work with. Includes everything in the Classic Package.

Want access to our most experienced designers? Upgrade to a Premium Package.

Unlimited revisions and one-on-one Design Time are included with all packages. (5 days for Light and 10 for Classic & Premium).