Our longstanding and close links with our suppliers provide our company some serious buying power. Moreover, most of the times we deliver furniture directly from the manufacturer to the client. This direct method combined with the low running costs of our company by not running a showroom passes the savings on to the end customer.

An additional reason of simply not incorporating high price mark-ups of retail is the fact that the logistic cost we quote is a pass-through cost in which we make no margin.

How Cubic Wood works

  • Design and production
    A product is designed and manufactured at a certain cost.
  • Wholesaler
    In some cases a wholesaler works as an intermediary by bringing that product into a country and selling in bulk.
  • Showroom
    Rent, running costs and various overheads add an extra bump to the cost of the product.
  • Project/Client’s home
    The product is finally delivered to the client’s place.